Fascination, empathy, affinity, passion… there are a multitude of words that describe our drive.

Ultimately, however, it is the love of the car and the associated possibilities to design and create something new and unusual.

This love affair began in 1986 at the young and proud age of 18, with the conversion and tuning of the Golf 1.

The possibilities were enormous and so, among other things, 7 Rieger GTO conversions were created in which the most diverse materials and equipment could be implemented.

The fascination with the Golf 1 has held us in its grip over the years and the Golf 1 has become a young and a classic car, which we have breathed new life into and created a true gem.

Today, in 2021, our fascination with tuning is still unbroken and so the desire arose to go new ways for us after all… the idea to convert a completely new car was born.
This is how the choice fell on the Golf 7 TCR, newly presented in 2019.

Out of this desire, the company „VM-LineDesign & Style“ was founded.

But what is it that drives us?

It is the incredible number of possibilities to create something special and unique out of today’s new cars, which are full of electronics and comfortable features.

We would like to show what can be conjured out of seemingly perfectly formed cars and what possibilities lie in the details, especially what is legally possible in the tuning sector.

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