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Vanessa Lopez

Vanessa Knauf

My name is Vanessa Lopez. I am an international model and have been photographed in 16 magazines including the Penthouse.
I would be happy if you would book me for a shooting.

See you soo, your Vanessa

My name is Vanessa Knauf. Miss Tuning 2019. Being in the spotlight gives me a lot of pleasure. Also in the fields of hostess or GridGirl I look forward to a good and interesting cooperation.

best regards Vanessi

Behind the Scenes “year in review 2020”

A pandemic has had us all firmly in its grip since the beginning of 2020. For this reason, countless history-making events have been cancelled. Just as hard for us as a new company as it is for the companies that have been on the market for years.


But we would not be where we are today if we had allowed ourselves to be impressed by it.


We took part in some meetings and fairs anyway, followed invitations and organised our own shootings.


What it looks like behind the scenes – Hinter den Kulissen and the fact that one or the other picture makes you smile is intended. As behind-the-scenes photographer, Janina Emanuelsson, follows us at every turn and captures even sometimes not entirely favourable images.


Have fun!


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Shooting TCR at VM-Line - 22.11.2020

Outside it got cold, but with this shooting it got hot… hotter… Vanessa Lopez.
This shooting can hardly be described with words. Vanessa is a spicy woman and a full blood professional and was absolutely perfectly photographed by Dennis Lopez. Not for nothing Vanessa has already been featured in 16 magazines, including the sexy magazine Penthouse. We find the pictures do not miss their effect.

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Shooting Metzingen Motorworld - 15.11.2020

We really let it rip on this shoot. The location in Metzingen was very special. An old, stylish factory hall and Vanessa, Sophia and Jessica breathe an urban style into the pictures. These images, into the dark, have been created by Patrick Rupp.

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Classic car shooting at VM-Line - 08.11.2020

The older the better. Here we are not talking about sexy Vanessa Lopez, but about the shooting of the VW Golf 1 convertible – our classic car of the family. Vanessa has worked on our gem several times and the results are sensational pictures of where you honestly don’t know where to look first.

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Shooting Wörth container terminal- 25.10.2020

This shooting was a smile milestone for VM-Line. Not only did we say thank you to our first 1000 followers on Instagram with a balloon parade, but also extraordinary pictures were created in the CarPorn style with Daniel Fischer

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Shooting Weissach Peter Ehrenfeld - 25.10.2020

Perfect weather and a fantastic location immerse this shooting in the colours of autumn and let the Golf 7 TCR glow in unbelievable colours.

This time Peter Ehrenfeld did the shooting.

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Shooting in the vineyards of Rosswag - 24.10.2020

The year is slowly drawing to a close. The leaves are turning more colourful and so are the shootings. This is how these colourful pictures by Mario Brunner came into being.

An incredible view and perfect weather make this shooting more than unique

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Shooting Eggenfelden Rieger Tuning - 12.09. + 13.09.2020

Rieger is already a well-known quantity in the tuning scene.

Therefore it was a matter of course for us to accept Toni Rieger’s invitation for a shooting in the holy halls of Rieger Tuning. It was hot and with Vanessa (Miss Tuning 2019) even hotter.

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Shooting Legend Schloss Assumstadt - 06.09.2020

Actually we wanted to present ourselves at this tuning meeting in the beautiful caste of Asumstadt as manufacturer and exhibitor of VM-Line.
It didn’t stop there. The temptation was great and we gave in without resistance. This is how the following pictures were taken on this unique estate by Steffen Frölich.

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Shooting Schwäbisch Gmünd B26 - 04.07.2020

The wait was long but it had an end, to be exact, the waiting had an end in Schwäbisch Gmünd.
Mario Brunner was the first to photograph the Golf 7 TCR prototype in the perfect light.
This resulted in sensational pictures.

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